Wasps, Bees, Hornets

Wasps, Bees, Hornets

Wasps, Bees, Hornets

Wasps and bees are commonly found in structures such as soffits, walls, ceilings, attics, etc. as well as in ground nests. It is critical to identify which type of insect you are dealing with as largely controls how difficult it will be to remove them and affects the price of removal.

The yellow jacket wasp delivers a sting that can persist for up to 10 minutes.

Honey bees swarm in the late spring and early summer as a means of expanding their species. When a colony of honey bees outgrow their current home, they create a new queen and depart the nest with upwards of 40% of the original colony. These bees will cluster on branches, siding, cars, etc. until a suitable new home can be found. Bees who are swarming are at their most docile state since they have no home to defend. I have a video on this site of a swarm removal that I did bare handed and with no suit or other protective equipment.



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