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German Cockroach
The German cockroach is the most prolific breeder among all cockroaches. Each egg capsule can contain up to 40 eggs and development from egg to adult can occur in as little as 45 days. Like all cockroaches, it is omnivorous and will eat virtually anything people will and many things we won't
In homes, this pest will first locate itself in bathrooms and the kitchen, as close as possible to food and moisture sources. It spends 75% to 80% of its time resting in cracks and voids

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American Cockroach
Size: up to 2 inches long.
Color: reddish brown.
The American cockroach is the largest cockroach that infests buildings in the United States. This insect may be recognized by a yellow "figure-8" pattern on the shield at the front of its body. In Florida, the American cockroach is called the "palmetto bug," and it has the nickname "water bug" throughout the United States

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Oriental Cockroach
The Oriental cockroach is a pest in homes throughout much of the United States. It is rarely seen in southeastern states, however. During the summer, oriental cockroaches move outdoors where they may venture into neighboring buildings. During the colder months, they reinvade homes, establishing themselves in basements and crawlspaces.

Size: The house mouse is small, its body rarely exceeding two inches long and one ounce in weight.
Color: It is usually gray in color but some individuals may appear darker.
Mice are more numerous than rats and are more widespread throughout urban and suburban communities. A mouse can be distinguished from a young rat since the rat's head and feet will be overly large in relation to its body.

Size: Rats are larger rodents that may grow to a body length of 10 to 12 inches. Seldom will a rat weigh more than one pound.
Color: Can vary from gray to brown to black.
Norway rats, found throughout the U.S., have a heavier body, smaller eyes and ears, and a shorter tail. Found in coastal states, roof rats have long tails, thin bodies, and large eyes and ears. Rats are more prevalent in urban and rural areas, and are found in homes less often than mice because of their larger size

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Carpenter Ants
Size: These are typically large ants up to 5/8-inch long. Carpenter ant queens are about 3/4-inch in length, while the males are smaller at 1/2-inch.
Color: Their color varies from black, brown & black, red and black, to light brown depending on the species. The two most common pest species are black in color

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Bees & Wasps
Size: about 3/4 - 1 inch in length
Color: Yellow jackets are generally small wasps with black and yellow stripes.

Perimeter Pests
Size: Varies, though usually no larger than 1-1/2 inches in length.
Color: Generally black or brown.
Crickets are easily recognizable to most people. They are typically thick and squat in shape with enlarged back legs designed for jumping.
Camel crickets are tan to brown in color and are characterized by the severe humped-shape of the thorax. They have very long rear legs and long, thin antennae.

Bed Bugs
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Size: Fleas are tiny insects measuring about 1/16-inch in length, and are laterally flattened.
Color: Reddish brown.
Their flat shape allows them to easily pass between the hairs of animals. The cat flea is the species involved in most home infestations and will attack both cats and dogs. It is usually carried into the home by a pet and once inside, large populations can build up in a hurry.


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